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Larry Scott

Larry Scott bodybuilding workout routine consists of a mixture high and low reps and also high and low sets, but normally like the 6-8 rep range. Larry Scott workouts are different evertime he went to train to keep the body motivated. Larry Scott would train every muscle group one time to two times.


The Larry Scott workout below is his typical workout routine, but he did change his workout quite often to shock the muscles and keep them guessing. He sometimes trained in the gym twice a day doing super sets, giant sets, high reps, low reps hitting fast twitch fibres and slow twitch fibres.





• Standing Dumbbell Press

• Standing Side Lateral Raise

• Bent Over Lateral Raise



• Smith Machine Bench Press To Neck

• 15 Degree Dumbbell Flys

• Elbows Forward Dips



• Chin ups

• Lat pulldown

• Hanging scapula rotations



• Seated Dumbbell Curls

• Preacher Dumbbell Curls

• Alternate Dumbbell Curls

• Standing Barbell Curls

• EZ Bar Curls



• Standing Triceps Pressdown

• Skullcrusher

• Dumbbell Triceps Extension



• Barbell Wrist Curl



• Standing One Leg Calf raises



• Smith Machine Squats

• Hack Squats